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Zuckerberg Hates Warren’s Plan to Break Up Facebook. She Doesn’t Care.

For months, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has made “big, structural change,” the rallying cry of her presidential campaign. And when it comes to the tech sector, that has meant taking square aim at giant companies like Facebook — companies she says have become so large that they are stifling competition.

On Tuesday, nearly seven months after Ms. Warren first unveiled her plan, The Verge offered a window into what Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, thinks about it. In leaked audio recordings of open meetings with employees this summer, Mr. Zuckerberg can be heard saying that the company would sue if Ms. Warren were to enact the plan as president.

“If she gets elected president, then I would bet that we will have a legal challenge, and I would bet that we will win the legal challenge,” he said.

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“Does that still suck for us? Yeah. I mean, I don’t want to have a major lawsuit against our own government. That’s not like the position you want to be in. We care about our country and want to work with our government to do good things,” he added. “But look, at the end of the day, if someone’s going to try to threaten something that existential, you go to the mat and you fight.”

Shortly after The Verge published Mr. Zuckerberg’s remarks, Ms. Warren responded by renewing her criticism of Facebook.


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