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Yale Politics Initiative to host seminars remotely



Yale Politics Initiative to host seminars remotely

Courtesy of the YPI

The Yale Politics Initiative will now host their annual series of political seminars virtually to align with public health standards.

The series is a collection of one-time, off-the-record seminars taught by politicians, operatives and activists. Although the seminars usually bring guests from across the country to speak to a select group of students on campus, this year they will be hosted on Zoom.

“The seminars are 20 students and the guest,” wrote co-director of the Yale Politics Initiative Jocelyn Wexler ’22 in an email. “The small format is meant to allow for honest discussion — it’s completely off the record, which I think is very unique to our program. Guests are shockingly honest, and it makes for great conversation.”

The fact that the seminars will take place over Zoom brings both benefits and challenges. According to Wexler, while Zoom has erased the complications that come with travel and has broadened the array of speakers the YPI is able to engage with, it has also raised concerns about the security of virtual seminars. Despite this, the organization decided that Zoom would be the safest and most effective way to continue the seminar program, as it both complies with public […]

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