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Women are told more lies than men in workplace reviews, new research suggests. And that can prevent gender equality.

Turns out, gender bias in the workplace is just as detrimental as you may think.

New research , published last week in the “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,” suggests that women are lied to more than men in professional settings.

Those lies could be preventing workplace advancement and, in a broader sense, gender equality, according to the findings by Cornell University’s Lily Jampol, who has a PhD in social psychology, and Vivian Zayas, an associate professor of psychology.

“There’s a general norm to be kinder to women, and so it just could be we’re used to being kinder to women,” Zayas told CNN of their paper, titled “Gendered White Lies: Women Are Given Inflated Performance Feedback Compared With Men.”

“This happens all throughout an individual’s development — girls are treated more softly,” she added. “It might seem kinder, but if you’re not getting valuable feedback, it could actually be detrimental.” What happens when a manager sugarcoats feedback

Their research consists of two studies.In Study 1, participants read assessments from a hypothetical manager to a severely under-performing employee. There were six options: one was the (negative) truth, and from there it went up — to being less honest but more positive. Option six […]

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