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WNBA Players Advocate For Social Justice


The WNBA stood with major sporting leagues across the country postponing playoff games for several days last week. One Indiana Fever player said part of her role as a professional athlete is to advocate for social justice.

The WNBA delayed the games to let players protest after a White police officer shot Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Wisconsin.

Natalie Achonwa plays center for the Indiana Fever. The team is competing in the playoffs and boycotted one of their games last week.

Achonwa said the police shooting of Blake and others hits especially close to home.

“Racism or discrimination, it doesn’t pick and choose, doesn’t matter that I’m a professional basketball player; doesn’t matter that I’m a good person. It doesn’t matter about any of that, that it sees the color of my skin and deems that I’m not worthy. And that’s – that’s the part that hurts,” said Achonwa. “But also the part that gives me the energy and the fight, to want to do more; to want to push on.”

During the time off the court, players held a candlelight vigil for Black lives lost at the hands of law enforcement and took time to recommit to the fight for change.Achonwa said […]

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