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Winner and Loser of the week in Florida politics — Week of May 24

We devote this particular space to choosing the winners and losers of the week in Florida politics. And we’ll get to that in a moment because on that front there actually was some good news.

Actually, on Saturday there was extraordinary news (spoiler alert in T-minus: 10-9-8 …)

But we also know what else is going on, and it’s far from good.

Just when we all thought COVID-19 might be leveling out, with people headed back to work and the stock market trending in the right direction, rage erupted across the land.

It shows no signs of stopping, and we know why, too. The death of George Floyd at the hands — well, knee — of Minneapolis police led to riots, fires, and destruction across the land . That former cop was arrested Friday and charged with murder, but the destruction in multiple cities continues, and it’s outrageous.

That’s not an acceptable way to protest , and there’s no “but” about that.I mean, rioters trashed downtown Atlanta, where the civil rights movement started. The College Football Hall of Fame there was smashed and looted. That’s outrageous, and, even worse, it obscures what the protest is about.Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Florida […]

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