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Climate Change

Why we need redwoods to fight climate change



Why we need redwoods to fight climate change

A trail through the Childrens Grove of old-growth redwoods after the recovery of the 2003 wildfire in Humboldt Redwoods State Park On Sept. 10, Sam Hodder drove the winding highway into Big Basin State Park to see the damage of this season’s vicious wildfires with his own eyes.

Approaching the park, he saw plots where homes had been leveled by fire adjacent to houses that appeared untouched by the flames. But Hodder, president of Save the Redwoods League , wasn’t there to observe structural damage. He went to survey the damage to redwood forests, which have been particularly hard-hit by the latest series of wildfires sweeping across Northern California’s wooded landscape.

He looked for signs of survivors. The canopy above him, he noted, was still intact — the fires hadn’t burned all the way to the crowns of the magnificent trees, which can rise up to 300 feet tall. He spotted green needles and fire-hardened bark on trees that remained standing — positive indicators of the redwoods’ resilience.

“As I walked through, I noticed some green pushing through the ashes in some places, and I was reminded again that these redwood trees have seen fires many times before and they will come […]

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