End the duopoly

Why global climate change solutions shouldn’t be government-led


When building solutions in addressing the global threat of climate change, pitting the private sector against global environmental interests should not be our de-facto ideological foundation. Contrary to the implicit assumptions underlying the Green New Deal, the environmental, public health, and economic costs associated with those sorts of climate solutions would make the post-COVID reconstruction of the global economy even more difficult. If we look to the public sector to lead the way on environmental preservation while shedding the costs onto job-providing businesses and the everyday taxpayer, our world will end up with black skies, chronic conditions, and empty wallets.

I agree with the rest of my generation that social, public, and private sectors must mobilize together to address climate change. But we should anticipate long-term cultural impact from our COVID shutdowns, which many view as a government-led, exceptionally brutal, and fully-intentional gutting of the strongest U.S. economy in decades. A bureaucratic approach calling for a similar disruption to the American and global economies in the name of combating climate change will leave Americans skittish and angry. The political fallout may entrench the fruitlessly divisive nature of approaches like the Green New Deal for perhaps 30 years. But to tackle […]

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