End the duopoly

Why Feminism?

Student op-ed submission by Rose Finkler
Photo by Southern Oregon University

Let’s be frank. Assumptions and false labeling. Grouping and generalizing. This is what has been done to the feminist movement, a group whose aim is advocacy for women’s rights and equal opportunity. Based on that definition, most women would identify as a feminist, but why is the number of self-identified feminists so low? It is due to the narrow definition, the lack of knowledge, and the negative media that prevents women from wanting to identify as a feminist. So, let’s reclaim the term feminist and create positive associations that all people can freely connect to and support.

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Who wants to join a “bra burning” group of men-hating radicals anyway? This is the generalized view of feminism that has been mass produced by the media. This image of what feminism is contributes to why women deny any involvement with the feminist movement even if they believe in equality. Most women in the U.S believe that women should be protected against discrimination, but only 29% identify as feminists according to a National Geographic/Ipsos poll. Women do not want the assumptions that would be placed on them if they freely identified […]

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