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Why Business Leaders Must Take The Lead In Economic Renewal, Building Trust

More than ever, leaders must consider how to reengineer a new path of economic and social well-being … [+] Now, more than ever, people are looking to business leaders instead of the government to turn the economy around. But to achieve success, leaders must engineer a path that is more holistic.

The Edelman Trust Barometer has been surveying and reporting on trust for the last 20 years. Their January 2020 report revealed a lack of trust across the four societal institutions measured–government, business, non-governmental organizations and media.

The biggest fear? Job loss.

With an estimated one in four Americans now on unemployment, that fear has not only been realized, but it is also compounded by a growing sense that those responsible for societal well-being cannot be trusted. Business Leaders Offer Hope

“A majority of respondents in every developed market do not believe they will be better off in five years,” the report states. “Distrust is being driven by a growing sense of inequity and unfairness in the system. The perception is that institutions increasingly serve the interests of the few with government, more than any institution, seen as least fair.”

And that was pre-pandemic.What’s the solution? Leadership with the integrity to improve […]

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