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White House promises ‘comprehensive’ healthcare plan


“It’s going to be a very comprehensive strategy,” McEnany said. “We’re making healthcare better and cheaper. Guaranteeing protections for people with preexisting conditions. Stopping surprise medical billing. Increasing transparency. Defending the right to keep your doctor in your plan,” she added, telling a reporter if she wanted to know more, “Come work here at the White House.” Video Transcript

– On the health care plan, the chief of staff said today that there is going to be one unveiled before the election, one that the president has been promising for over a year now, long before then. But today on Capitol Hill, the three top medical experts in this administration said they have no idea of any kind of plan that’s being formulated. So who is it that is working on the health care plan that’s going to be introduced before the election?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: So here at the White House, we have a wide array of people working on it. There have been elements of it that have already come out like the telemedicine plan, the drug importation EO. The most favored nations were elements of what is an overarching plan. There’s more that will be forthcoming.

And in aggregate, […]

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