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What Students Are Saying About Politics in School, Who They Turn To in a Crisis, and Stress

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One of the best parts of reading the student comments on our writing prompts is seeing the diverse perspectives of young people from across the United States and around the world.

This school year alone we’ve already given shout-outs in our weekly Current Events Conversation to classes in 25 states and a commonwealth, including Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon and the Northern Mariana Islands. And we’ve celebrated classes in eight foreign countries and territories too, including Canada, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Vietnam.

Not only is it fun to read their different takes on a variety of topics, but it also gives teenagers an opportunity to learn from the experiences and opinions of young people from all kinds of backgrounds, beliefs and points of view.

We loved reading what students had to say about this week’s articles and we hope you do, too.

But, before we get to their comments, we’d like to welcome three new classes to the conversation this week: CNMI; Rexburg, Idaho; and West New York Schools.

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