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What happens to veterans’ healthcare post-COVID-19?


By Brett Copeland, Executive Director Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute

“In the years after my military service in Iraq, I have walked the few blocks from my apartment to the Manhattan Veterans Affairs Medical Center hundreds of times to see my healthcare providers,” wrote Essam Attia in an op-ed at The Indypendent. “As I shelter-in-place in the American epicenter of the world’s worst pandemic in 100 years, I am, however, worried the VA will be unable to fulfill its missions to care for future generations of veterans or serve civilian sector patients in a national emergency.”

Attia joined Suzanne Gordon on the America’s Heroes Group with Cliff Kelley on May 16 to discuss the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on veterans, and the future of veterans’ healthcare amid an historic staff shortage at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For years, the VA’s Veterans Health Administration has faced privatization attacks from for-profit healthcare leaders as well as lawmakers.

Suzanne Gordon, a journalist and author, spent five years inside the VA documenting its unique healthcare delivery programs as well as the efforts to privatize the agency. In her two books, Wounds of War and The Battle for Veterans Healthcare, Gordon uncovers why the VA – the closest thing […]

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