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What Americans think of Medicare For All, healthcare, and Barack Obama’s legacy

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What does America want with its health care system? While the Trump Administration pursues legal strategies to weaken and repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Democratic presidential candidates argue over a public option, Medicare for all, and the possible elimination of private insurance the American public in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll gives Obamacare support, though by only a slim margin.

But there are now other options. Even though more Democrats like Obamacare, half the country and nearly three-quarters of Democrats favor what’s known as Medicare for All. The policy is now part of most leading Democratic presidential candidates’ proposals (five candidates co-sponsored the Medicare for All Act in the Senate), and it is especially popular with those under the age of 45: More than twice as many adults between 18 and 44 support Medicare for All than oppose it. While nearly two out of three of all Republicans oppose Medicare for all, younger Republicans support it, 47% to 41%.

Current Medicare beneficiaries don’t seem all that happy about sharing Medicare with younger adults. Majorities of all those 65 and older, as well as those who now receive Medicare benefits oppose Medicare for all. Older Democrats are different: three-quarters of them would favor Medicare expansion.

It’s striking to see how Medicare has affected seniors’ health care. Nearly all (97%) of poll respondents 65 and older say they have health insurance. Among all adults, 80% know they have health insurance, but that drops to just two-thirds of those under 45.  […]

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