End the duopoly

We ran a story on a political group buying loads of ads. That political group decided to take its money elsewhere

I worked on a story that prompted a mysterious group with little more than a PO Box in Alabama to its name to immediately stop spending $100,000 a week with my employer.

That’s $108,675 the week of Aug. 1, 2019, to be precise — at least that’s what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) records I’ve reviewed tell me.

And here’s the crazy thing: I still have a job.

Two months after reporter Marshall Zelinger and I worked on a story questioning who was funding “Doctor Patient Unity,” my desk at KUSA-TV remains mine. I find that fact pretty darn cool for a variety of reasons.

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Allow me a moment to explain.

“Doctor Patient Unity” fell on my radar immediately after I saw its first ad. The subject of the ad was something near and dear to my journalistic heart: Surprise medical bills.

Congress has, for the better part of the year, debated the best way to protect patients who visit medical facilities in-network with their insurance from receiving out-of-network bills.


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