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We Need To Talk About Enjoying The Lockdown…

So I saw a Twitter poll yesterday with a very simple question: have you enjoyed the lockdown? Yes, no, can’t decide. In 24hrs in 1500 votes indicated ‘yes’ as the most popular option. News today that Twitter itself is extending work from home privileges to all employees permanently, a massive win for neurominorities, disabled people and those with caring responsibilities.

It is apparent that for many the lockdown has been a much needed change of pace, yet the privilege is not extended to all. A Way Of Life That Suits Your Neurotype I’m writing today, quietly watching the sunrise from my window, my dog curled up on her ledge in the sunshine, the clock ticking and my children stirring.

It’s peaceful, I can focus. The hurly burly of getting kids ready for the bus, thinking about which train I need to get, pouring myself into high heels to totter down the road is a forgotten dream.

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