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Walmart expands $1 a day education program to deepen push in healthcare

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Walmart Inc is expanding an education program it began last year by offering healthcare degrees for $1 a day, its latest push to beef up its presence in the fast-growing health and wellness market in the United States.

Walmart will offer seven bachelor’s degrees and two diplomas in fields such as health science and healthcare management through a program that already offers degrees in the fields of business, supply chain management, computer science and cyber security, the company said.

Medical services, which typically have higher margins than retail products on shelves, allow Walmart to not only tap into the healthcare needs of senior citizens and low income shoppers but also boost its retail business by getting customers visiting its pharmacies to pick up additional items along the way.

Last year, Walmart signed a deal with Anthem, one of the country’s largest insurers, to attract more Medicare enrollees to buy over-the-counter medicines and supplies at its stores.


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