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Using AI As A Guide This Organization Fights Climate Change By Empowering Women

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“I am on a mission to provide clean and affordable energy to women and girls in African rural communities through the use of modern technologies like AI,” says Monique Ntumngia, 29, founder of the Green Girls Organisation working in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The organization uses a unique scoring algorithm called MNKB92 to optimize energy strategies for villages where they train women and girls to assemble and sell solar lamps and to deploy biodigesters to create methane for cooking and organic fertilizer for crops.

The organization provides the materials for free but receives a 40% cut of the revenue from the sale of fertilizer and solar lamps. The organization helps women find markets for the fertilizer.

Recently, Green Girls Organisation won a $100,000 prize from Visa, part of its first-ever Social Impact Challenge.

“Women entrepreneurs applied to the program via a simple online application form, including examples of how their organization might address one of the Challenge questions,” explains Stacy Pourfallah, vice president of social impact at Visa.


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