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Use Your Social Network as a Tool for Social Justice

filipfoto/Getty Images Millions of individuals around the world are protesting in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and many are asking themselves how they can bring the same spirit of solidarity into their work lives. Or, as one of our colleagues recently expressed in an email: “I don’t want to be one of those white males who is privately sympathetic. I want to actively champion women and minorities.”

The good news is that majority group members and men have an immense source of power at their disposal to prevent and confront bias in the workplace: their social networks. Here is how you can take action. Use your social network to broadcast anti-racist, anti-sexist values.

You have a bigger sphere of influence than you realize. Most people think about their immediate circle of friends as their audience. However, research in the study of social networks has shown they are wrong. Your ideas and behaviors ripple out from you, influencing your friends, friends of friends whom you may not even know, and friends of those friends as well. In fact, a whole range of outcomes are influenced by these third order ties – your weight , your values and beliefs […]

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