End the duopoly

US primary health care can be cheaper and more equal. Here’s how.

Early data shows racial disparity in coronavirus deaths 03:26 Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips is a CNN medical analyst. She is the chief clinical officer of Providence, a health system with 51 hospitals in the western US. The opinions expressed here are her own. Read more opinion at CNN. (CNN)Americans across the country have joined forces in fighting a common enemy: the Covid-19 pandemic. But one question starkly divides us during this crisis: Who is most at risk of dying from the virus? The answer does not reflect well on the US. Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips Medical evidence has revealed that elderly people face an increased risk of dying from the disease, along with people of all ages who have chronic health issues, such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Among those with underlying conditions who are dying from the virus, a disproportionate number are living in poverty or are African American or Latinx. Why? Because these populations often do not have, or cannot afford, access to the preventive medicine that can help them stay healthy. A primary care provider’s job is to keep people well, including managing highly treatable conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Uncontrolled, these maladies can make a person […]

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