End the duopoly

Universal health care is a social justice necessity


Please consider the following: The United States is the only wealthy industrialized country without some form of universal health care.

How many Americans are aware that after World War II, under the Marshall Plan, Germany and Japan’s universal health care systems would be completely rebuilt?

A good decision for Germany and Japan? It certainly appears so. In comparing health outcomes, both countries outperform the United States, and do it at approximately half the cost.

A good decision by our representatives not to establish some form of universal health care in this country? Certainly not for those Americans unable to afford our current system.

That would include the uninsured and under-insured. The approximate half-million Americans every year who go bankrupt due to health costs, not to forget those who never seek needed treatment because of cost.

The Legatum Institute, a London-based think-tank, publishes an annual prosperity index ranking countries on the ability of their residents to prosper and flourish.

One of the contributing factors — or pillars — for individual prosperity is health, defined by the organization as what “measures the extent to which people are healthy and have access to the necessary services to maintain good health, including health outcomes, health systems, illness […]

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