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UL Lafayette to host public dialogue series on race, social justice


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will host a multi-day public dialogue that will explore issues of race, equality, and social justice within the city and beyond.

“Race & Social Justice: A Three-Day Community Conversation” includes four events – a trio of virtual panel discussions and an in-person, interactive “privilege walk.”

The virtual discussions are open to the public; the fourth event is for students and other members of the University community. All are free and will be held Sept. 8-10.

In a joint statement, organizers said the events “reflect the University’s role as a forum for open, honest discussions about challenges faced by our community and nation as a whole.”

“In recent weeks, Lafayette has entered a renewed period of civic expression, debate and self-examination about issues of race, social justice and equality.

As a public institution, the University has an obligation to engage these topics and explore their effects through both scholarly examination and community discourse.”

Tuesday, Sept. 8 “New Perspectives: The Impact of Faculty Diversity on Student Success,” a virtual panel discussion, will feature undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni who will share personal stories that demonstrate the importance of faculty diversity for the student experience.

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