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Trust issues loom large over Google’s ambitious healthcare plans



Trust issues loom large over Google’s ambitious healthcare plans

Google‘s healthcare deal with Ascension has rightly attracted a lot of scrutiny, and now the search giant has stepped in once again to clarify the controversial undertaking.

David Feinberg, the head of Google‘s health initiatives, said the company is working towards building an “intelligent suite of tools to help doctors, nurses, and other providers take better care of patients, leveraging our expertise in organizing information.”

Last week, it emerged that Google had struck a partnership with the US’ second largest health system Ascension — called “Project Nightingale” — to develop AI-based tools in exchange for moving all the patient data to its cloud infrastructure.

The idea was to build a searchable, cloud-based platform to query patient data, which the company could then market to other healthcare providers.

Feinberg, who outlined this vision at the HLTH conference earlier this month, reiterated the company’s plans for designing tools with an aim to make “health records more useful, more accessible and more searchable by pulling them into a single, easy-to-use interface for doctors.”

“Ascension is the first partner where we are working with the frontline staff to pilot this tool,” Feinberg said.