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Trump mostly focuses on economy — rather than health — for minority groups hit hardest by Covid-19

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump underscored economic recovery several times during a listening session with African Americans Thursday. He brought up efforts on coronavirus testing, protective equipment distribution and ventilator production in his opening remarks.

But he didn’t specifically address what the administration would be doing to protect the health of minority communities , which have been some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 94,000 Americans so far .

"Before the virus, African American unemployment reached its lowest level in history and African American poverty reached its lowest level in history. … Then we had the plague flow in from China, and now we’re doing it again," Trump said during the listening session at a Ford plant in Michigan, where he sat in front of a banner that read, "Transition to Greatness."

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Trump also touted economic projections and said that though the economy experienced a downturn due to the virus, "now, I’m going to do it again."

During the session, the President briefly discussed health-related coronavirus efforts the administration has undertaken, including the dedicating funding toward toward community health care centers, which frequently treat underserved communities, authorized by Congress through the CARES Act. And participants at […]

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