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Trump is right: ‘OBAMAGATE’ is ‘the biggest political crime in American history’ | Will Bunch

The White House press corps often gets accused — and sometimes deservedly so — of tossing softball questions at President Trump, but last Monday the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker threw one at the 45th POTUS that looked like one of Jamie Moyer’s late-career 60 mph “fastballs” that hung right over the plate, middle-in.

“You appeared to accuse [former president Barack] Obama of a crime yesterday — what did he do?” Rucker asked. Instead of slamming it into the second deck, Trump whiffed, badly. For several days, the never-too-busy-to-tweet-while-90,000-Americans-are-dying president has been on the warpath about a scandal that he called “Obamagate” — or more typically, “ OBAMAGATE !” — that he insisted was “ the biggest political crime in American history” and that also “makes Watergate look small-time.”

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Now if he could just explain what the darn thing is! “What is the crime?” Rucker followed up. “You know what the crime is,” Trump replied.

“The crime is very obvious to everybody,” he added, before […]

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