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Trump eyes compromise with Newsom on climate, cars. California says it isn’t enough

The Trump administration is opening the door to a new climate change rule that would attempt to tamp down its rancorous fight with California over greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency may issue a rule by year’s end requiring automakers to sell new cars that reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 percent a year through 2025.

Until now, the administration wanted to freeze the standards at 2020 levels for the next five years. But a White House official and an EPA official told McClatchy on Thursday that the Trump administration had not ruled out the 1.5 percent standard, and was still considering its options in the rule making process.

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The attempted compromise, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, was essentially dismissed by California officials.

“That 1.5 percent is still not nearly enough for California to meet its air quality and climate goals,” said Stanley Young, spokesman for the California Air Resources Board, in an email. He added that California hasn’t heard directly from the Trump administration about the reported compromise.

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