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Trump endorsed Curt Schilling’s possible run for Congress. He’s a conspiracy theorist who uses social media to peddle bigotry and hatred.

Trump endorsed Schilling’s possible run for Congress

Curt Schilling said he’s considering running for Congress. In a radio interview on August 11, Schilling said he was “absolutely considering” a run for Congress, according to The Arizona Republic. From the August 12 article:

Former Arizona Diamondbacks legend and outspoken conservative Curt Schilling said he is “absolutely considering” running for Congress in Arizona against one of the state’s five Democrats.

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In a statement to The Arizona Republic, the former pitcher acknowledged he is weighing whether to enter politics. Schilling, an Arizona native who identifies himself as a Massachusetts resident, did not make clear which district he is considering.

“Not ready to do any of that right now. If/When things solidify I will but right now it’s something in the ‘I’m considering it’ stage,” Schilling wrote in an email. [The Arizona Republic, 8/12/19]

Trump endorsed Schilling’s possible congressional run. On August 13, Trump tweeted that it was “terrific” that Schilling was considering running.  […]

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