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Toxic Masculinity Discourages Empathy for Social Justice

Marcello Frisina / Daily Nexus Toxic masculinity has been a massive point of discussion for Gen Z, which has raised awareness of how many men are affected by the inability to express emotions without being mocked for seeming “feminine.” It’s a cycle in which children mirror the behavior they are taught. If young boys are taught to hide emotions and dispel “feminine” attributes and activities, they grow up and force the same ideologies upon their children.

For many, their understanding of toxic masculinity is limited to the definition above. However, as social movements take root in the U.S., it’s important to pause and reflect on whether or not toxic masculinity plays a role in one’s ability to empathize, and subsequently, one’s ability to understand and partake in social justice.

According to PsychCentral , toxic masculinity can encourage a need to “rage against key universal emotion-drives, critical to the formation of empathy-based connections with self, others and life — to avoid being rejected as ‘not real’ men.”

Much of our understanding of empathy is being able to understand the emotions and feelings of another. While that definition does hold true, there are several components to that ability. According to Psychology Today , empathy […]

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