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Tom Steyer on climate change, capitalism and his chat with the Clintons

Steyer spoke with POLITICO reporters and editors this week as part of a series of interviews with Democratic 2020 hopefuls. He touched on a range of topics from impeachment and climate change to the criticism from the left that he’s wasting his millions on a vanity campaign. Here are some highlights, edited for clarity.

Why he jumped in the race so late

“I wasn’t dissatisfied with the field, I was dissatisfied with the conversation,” Steyer said. “I felt like the two things that I absolutely thought were essential [weren’t being] adequately addressed and called out. One, was what I describe as a corporate stranglehold on our government.

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“I think what they’re addressing, to a large extent, is which health care plan is the best? Which Green New Deal is the best? Which education plan is the best? Which gun violence plan is the best? I can talk about those things and I do care about them and I think they’re really important. But I think the real question is how we getting any of that?”

Steyer also said that no other candidate is planning to deal with climate change with the urgency he says is necessary.

“Secondly, I’ve been a climate hawk for well over a decade,” Steyer continued “But I felt like there was no one who was actually going to address the climate problem on a timely basis that I believe the situation demands.”

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