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‘Titan Games’ EP Dany Garcia on How the Show Leans in on Equality – Literally

NBC’s “The Titan Games” hosted by Dwayne Johnson has always been about equality — not only are the contestants equally divided between men and women but also in the sense that every type of athlete, whether professional or not, can compete.

The competition show is back for its second season, and executive producer Dany Garcia teased it as an even bigger nail-biter than the first.

“Our athletes come in all shapes and sizes — some are incredibly strong, and some are not quite as strong, which is a great challenge because not only are you looking at male and female, but you’re also looking at different body types and strengths,” Garcia told TheWrap. “You want to vary the challenges so that you are challenging the body and the mind in different ways. These are athletes that we need to have a challenging conversation with in many different ways, and that allows them all to shine.

“That’s the same principle that applies to men and women — the men and women aren’t competing against each other,” she went on. “The moment of drama is the athlete against the competition . It’s not about how strong something is or how heavy it is. We […]

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