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These Cannabis Brands Aren’t Puff Puff Passing on Activism



These Cannabis Brands Aren’t Puff Puff Passing on Activism

Canna companies committed to social justice that want you to smoke your conscience.

You might have recently seen some black squares on Instagram from your favorite cannabis brands, but have you kept up with their actions this summer? This is an industry where the Adam Biermans of the world can swindle their way to multimillion-dollar empires while many Black and brown people disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs are imprisoned or forever marked by incarceration. Though Bierman’s MedMen seems to have finally found the bottom of its scandal spiral, scores of largely white cannabis entrepreneurs are thriving.

The brands who are trying to put their money where their mouth is often partner with the Last Prisoner Project . This non-profit organization focuses on shifting drug policy and trying to undo the harm inflicted by the War on Drugs, and it regularly expands its cannabis partner roster.

“We are heartened to see the cannabis industry stepping up in this critical time amidst calls for racial justice and a reimagining of our criminal justice system,” says Sarah Gersten, the non-profit’s executive director and general counsel. “We believe anyone profiting in this industry has a duty to prioritize restorative justice and we are […]

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