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The Washington Post’s Commodification of Social Justice

This, we are told, is an age of reckoning. The demonstrations and civil unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police have thrust America into a new period of introspection, compelling it to engage in a long-overdue effort to correct for persistent, even subconscious, but nevertheless subtly racist attitudes. In truth, the country has never abandoned that introspection. It is a permanent feature of American political and cultural life, though it is more pronounced at certain times than at others.

As in similar periods, the corrections are coming faster now, and that is a valuable phenomenon. And yet, like all such reversals of power imbalances, the correction risks stalling out if the consensus around its necessity is strained by the excesses of its most uncompromising advocates. The risk of overreach is real, and the Washington Post provides us with an example of how this moment could be careening toward a dead end.

Two reporters grace the byline on a dispatch published in the Post on Wednesday that could be construed as a valuable contribution to the cause of racial reconciliation only by the most self-absorbed members of the journalistic establishment. The report takes us back […]

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