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With so many unknowns I can’t help but think of how everything around us is experiencing monumental change.

Wherefore, today I joined the,

With their help and membership, I will be establishing a journalism code of ethics along with policies & practices. And will promote “the presence of these standards on a regular basis. “

I have also applied to join The Trust Project – https://thetrustproject.org

This will ensure I meet the guidelines set forth to be listed as a “news” organization on Facebook.

There is still lots to learn, nonetheless, this is a step in the right direction. So we can become a trusted source for anyone who stumbles on to this site.

Here’s what the site is missing in order to accomplish the listing

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  • Fact-Checking Policy
  • Ethics Policy
  • Corrections Policy
  • Ownership & Funding Info
  • Editorial Team Info

In April of 2008 Facebook published the article “Helping People Better Assess the Stories They See in News Feed.”

This meant a new “Context Button” became available. Which serves the purpose of promoting “transparency.” Especially in a world consumed with hyperbole and “alternative facts.”

Consequently, the COVID-19 pandemic, is exacerbating the need of information being shared on social media, to be discerned, by providing “objective context about the stories people see.”

My goal is to ensure I only share credible information from verified and trusted sources. This way, you can rest assured the information is factually based.

Please bear with me, as I continue to learn so I may adapt and evolve to meet the needs I believe will afford sustainability.

Carpe Diem

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