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The Tanyard was once critical part of Pensacola’s economy | John Appleyard

Pensacola History A public official once addressed a civic organization, detailing local economic changes seemingly in force. In his remarks, the speaker gave reference to The Tanyard. As some listeners exited the meeting room, they wondered, “Just what was The Tanyard? Where was it? And when?” The when can be measured from 1765 to approximately 1810. The where related to several blocks, probably about 20, on the west side of downtown, being about Reus Street. The why and who factors require explanation, and came to focus much like this:

When British colonists arrived in the area, gaining all of Florida by treaty, their leaders acted promptly to establish an economy. For this, Gov. Johnstone and other chose to follow the plan already in use by the English in the Carolinas. In that program, the economists found that at trade might be developed with Native Americans who would exchange skins and furs they had trapped for manufactured items, such as pots, pans, kitchen wares and muskets, brought from England. By the mid-1760s, these exchanges were well-accepted, the two parties usually meeting in a sizable early fall encampment to make their distributions.

The Pensacola arrivals quickly arranged for assignment here of John Stuart, […]

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