End the duopoly

The politics behind Trump’s move to Florida are crystal clear

In an unconventional presidency with more than its share of surprises, President Donald Trump’s decision to move his permanent home from New York to Florida ranks among the most simple, obvious and easy to understand. Trump has extremely good financial, political and legal reasons to get out of New York: his move is a logical, long-term answer to an immediate set of problems.

The transaction itself is straightforward. Trump will almost certainly continue to own his suite atop Trump Tower, and will continue to move between New York and his Mar-a-Lago resort. But by designating Mar-a-Lago as his domicile — in legal terms, “his true, fixed, permanent home”– Trump is announcing he will spend most of each year in Florida (when not in D.C.), making him a resident of the Sunshine State for purposes of voting and paying state taxes.

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By doing so, Trump joins a large exodus of New Yorkers who regularly relocate to Florida for the sunny weather and lower taxes. Over the last decade, more than a million New Yorkers left the state, with Florida the top destination: in 2017 alone, more than 63,000 people made the move. One of them, politically active billionaire Tom Golisano (who left New York in 2009) made a point of letting the public know his relocation to Florida would save him more than $13,000 a day.

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