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The NFL’s social-justice debacle and other commentary



The NFL’s social-justice debacle and other commentary



Enlarge Image Jacksonville Jaguars player warms up near an NFL social justice sign. AP From the right: The NFL’s Social-Justice Debacle

Protests and political statements have transformed the National Football League from “the glue that gave a guy sitting in his game room in East Palestine, Ohio, a deep connection with a guy in a penthouse in Manhattan” to “a social-justice organization that was no longer holding them together,” writes Salena Zito for Creators . During opening week, which was packed with social-justice messages, ratings plunged 17 percent, proving that the younger audience the league aims to attract “does not have the loyalty Baby Boomer or Gen X football fans once did.” Older fans miss what was once an escape from “politics infecting everything they do.” Even those who “agree with the sentiments . . . just want to enjoy a game without being lectured.”

Conservative: The Left’s War on US Institutions

“It took less than 24 hours for left-wingers to pledge burning down the country if Republicans don’t abdicate their constitutional duty” to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat, sighs Tristan Justice at The Federalist . And these weren’t “fringe left-wingers or arbitrary […]

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