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The Healthcare System in China

SEATTLE, Washington — Despite having one of the largest economies and militaries in the world, China is still considered to be a developing country . The gross national income still falls below the threshold of the $12,055 needed to be considered a developed country. While it’s not uncommon for developing countries to struggle to maintain a stable infrastructure, China still excels in the standards in the developed world where healthcare is concerned. As of 2011, China’s healthcare system covered more than 95% of the population. China implements its healthcare system through two primary healthcare initiatives: the National Health Commission and the Family Planning Commission. Financing Healthcare

As of 2018, China spent about 6.6% of its GDP on healthcare. The Government financed 28% of this, and insurance and donations covered 44%. There are three types of public health insurance : employment payroll taxes that provide urban employment-based insurance, voluntary urban residential insurance and insurance specific to rural residents. The government provides the latter two. As of 2016, the State Council, the highest order of the Chinese government’s executive sector, announced its plans to merge the last two types. Trends In Healthcare

Over the past 60 years, the government’s continued efforts […]

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