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The Flunk Phenomena

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Traditions weigh heavily on the brain, what a poignant message.

Unfortunately most won’t take the necessary steps and/or precautions to stop this nightmare from becoming a reality.

Majority of us, won’t embrace change, we tend to stick with what we know. The “if it ain’t broke” mantra. Especially, while continuing to practice archaic Neanderthal theories.

The problem as Karl Marx said;

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

What if you believed dancing around a tree in the month of May would bring rain? This is what you were taught worked, provided the results you needed. You did this religiously, without questioning its efficacy.

How long would it take for others to stop dancing, for you to believe, the old way wasn’t working anymore? ( Palo Mayo)

I use the Neanderthal chest beater analogy a lot because it’s important for people to realize the breadth of severity involved in this kind of practice and thinking.

The microcosms of bad decisions don’t just reverberate, they resonate loud, and clear. So loud, it is actually deafening.

Deafening in the way that some don’t hear it, and others steer clear from it because of the noise.

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Meanwhile, those practicing the cult-like behavior, ignore the degradation of your work organization’s culture but more importantly the morale.

Nonetheless, although reactions may differ – the fact remains – the end results are still negative.

Take for example a recent discussion with a colleague about a Millennial who interviewed a Gen-X with a 20 yr work history.

Millennial – “Walk me through your daily sales process.”

Here we go again…

Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of this question and on every occasion. I always ponder to myself, did they not read my resume?

Did they not prepare for more complex questions, instead of wasting time on the minutiae? As my kids used to say, make the interview time “more better?”

I’ve reached a point in my life where I have realized that timing has a monumental effect, on all things considered.

For example, role vs candidate. Are you looking for an entry-level position?

If that’s the case, then I find the question aforementioned to be reasonable.

Are you looking for a minimum experience of 3 to 5 yrs?

Even then, okay I can see based on candidates’ previous roles – it may come in handy.

Caveat, anything from 5 yrs. and on is a waste of time for all involved.

Especially for a role that demands a specific set of skills which are normally acquired through years of experience. ( I will find you) And/or – you only allow time for a 30 min interview.

Is the proverbial time not of the essence?

Yet the interviewer, and/or organization, instead of preparing – something that is demanded in a Business Development role – did not prepare.

Therefore setting the first impression of “do as I say, not as I do.

At the point when you are asking for 5 yrs and a specific set of skills. You should be more “laser targeted or laser-focused.”

Just more catchwords they use to show some sort of experience with the vernacular.

Also deafening in it of itself, since you sound like a corporate soundboard with pre-programmed responses.

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Moreover, what value is truly gained from posturing such an archaic question on the basics?

I wake up, make 100 calls, set 5 meetings, knock on 10 doors? Is this the answer that will afford the candidate the opportunity to move forward?

Wherefore, do you not think that maybe the candidate prepared to tell you what you wanted to hear? By Googling the answers to such a loaded question?

Is there not a “Sales for Dummies” or cliff notes around, on how to answer such a basic question? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Obviously, the inexperienced manager didn’t read the resume and went about asking a generic question – after probably reading somewhere – it was a good question to ask.

However, the interviewer never bothered to really digest the experience or attempt to understand who could be joining their team.

I suspect, this thing called Google may have helped the lad?

This is the underlying problem. Having spent some time in healthcare and achieving my Clinical Trial Project Manager certification.

This cert afforded me the opportunity to see an Investigational New Drug (IND) go through it’s life-cycle.

I realized that life is just like a drug. First, it goes through several stages of trials. Then it goes into practice, then it, well…

This is where we start to see the real effects the drug has. Even throughout this process we still need years of data. This is why you see drugs that were supposed to be good.

All of a sudden turns out they do worse and cause harm.

Like serious side effects, we have all seen and heard the commercial. Forego so many ailments in an attempt to cure another one?

According to the FDA, a “drug is removed from the market when its risks outweigh its benefits. A drug is usually taken off the market because of safety issues with the drug that cannot be corrected, such as when it is discovered that the drug can cause serious side effects that were not known at the time of approval.”

What does this have to do with the interview, more importantly, my title the Flunk Phenomena?

It’s simple…

It isn’t until something or someone fails, that others start to recognize that things are not what they originally thought, and/or it wasn’t – as good in practice as it was in theory.

The sell me this pen and walk me through the sales process are old archaic failed attempts to find the right candidate.

Yet it is still prevalent in the information age?

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Quite disturbing if you were to ask me. Especially since access to new information, which may prove your practice wrong and/or inferior – is readily available. (Click here to learn more…)

Who is to blame here?

Well, the organization is of course in this example. One by allowing someone so young and inexperienced to yield such power.

Which brings me to a much larger and significant issue.

Checks and balances – everyone seems to just go through the motions, check a box, stay out of trouble.

Anything and everything to “stay employed.”

It’s this mentality that predicates or elicits malfeasance. What I have labeled the “Hear No Evil Mantra.”

You know this theory well and practice it regularly.

You hear, see, and speak – no evil.

You Mind Your Own Business to stay employed and/or out of trouble.

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The causation for this correlation, or its “street-name” – is better known as – “snitches get stitches.”

I and my minority brethren, who grew up on the “other side of town” know this theory well. I’ll digress since those transgressions are a separate diatribe.

So, we go about the minutia, just another cog in the machine, a brick in the wall. We sit, we stay, and we obey. Always ready to toe the line.

We stay out of trouble, and more importantly we mind our own business.

We do this so well, as my favorite Led Zeppelin song said so eloquently.

“It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine.”

What is more, is the obsession society has with Zombies, not realizing the majority are walking zombies themselves.

Turning their cheeks, minding their own business, toeing the line enjoying the mantra. 

Mindless zombies sound bad, and bias, but I could be wrong. I could also be right, and if I can be right and wrong, when is it right?

Mindless in my opinion doesn’t have any correlation to intelligence. I’ve seen some really intelligent people be stupid mindless fucks.

This is the reality – we live in an interconnected, always-on, tethered society. Obsessed with all things considered.

For me this is the clearest form of indignation for a society.

What are all things considered? Especially in your filtered “echo-chamber.”

Talk about mindless zombies. We refuse to get involved, we only want to see or hear what makes us feel accomplished.

Like cat videos, and what you had to eat. We immediately, block, unfriend, or filter anyone who annoys our;

Happy go lucky everyone is a model, entrepreneur, shiny happy people, buy my Herbalife, this is what I had to eat, look at me now, everything is wonderful – feed constantly on replay.

Mr. Exhausting Monotonous

We all seek social acceptance, not recognizing, the self-aggrandizing behavior while denying the continued damages to society.

I note, though self-inflected wounds no doubt. What a great way to get back to my original title.

The story is a millennial, interviewing a Gen-X with a twenty-year work history.

We already know how this is going to end.

Needless to say – if your gut feeling is – that it isn’t going to go well, trust your instincts.

The call did not go well, and the interviewee received the breaking up through text email.

Hey, you were great, so great we will keep your resume on file, call me maybe.

An exercise in futility, but more importantly the feeling of rejection.

Not a call, no feedback or constructive criticism, all gone.

Things I grew up experiencing – back when people would give you advice – and try to help you progress.

Now everyone minds their own business.

Companies continue to allow “great players” to be “horrible coaches.

People toe the line knowing the damage the horrible coaches are doing, but no one speaks up.

Worse, if you do – you are classified as being “too negative.”

The ripple effect this has on society continues to decimate the working class.

The working-class psyche, continues to get trampled underfoot. Yet we, turn the blind eye, ignore the signs, the writings on the wall, et al, just to stay employed.

Gen-X is the forgotten one.

We were raised with an iron fist, we’ve been around since Al Gore invented the internet. Could still drive stick, went to college/university got a degree with loans we can never pay off, obeyed the rules, still say Sir or Mam, hold the door open for others, say excuse me and bless you when someone sneezes, didn’t cause any trouble, and above all we;

Minded our own Business

Why you may ask, are we experiencing old behavior as adults in the workforce? I note, which we thought or expected by now, we shouldn’t be dealing with?

I mean, we graduated High School decades ago, and somehow; things have not changed and we are still dealing with cliques, favoritism, and the worse – the browned nose kiss-ass.

All in part to the “Fake it till you Make it” mantra. And those who feed others the Kool-aid enough to get them to punch drunk.

The hype, the fluff, the Flunk Phenomena. Then we wonder, why things have gone awry? If you see something, say something, above all speak up.

There is a right way to do things, and there is a wrong way to do things. Allowing others to continue to degrade your work culture hurts everyone.

In the end the cuts, the bruises, the shattered life, cannot be fixed if you don’t start removing the stitches.

Carpe Diem!

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