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The Fight for LGBTQ Equality Just Won a Huge Victory

Flutterings. (Tara Schmidt) By Karen Dolan

This moment in our nation’s history is marked by pain and uprising.

Infections and deaths from the coronavirus are occurring at heartbreaking rates. Cities and small towns are on fire, figuratively and literally, as police brutality against black people has finally reached a tipping point. Black transgender people are targeted and murdered by police and private citizens alike.

In the midst of this, a stunning victory has been won for human and civil rights in the United States: On June 15th, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision stating that people who are transgender, gay, lesbian, queer, or intersex can’t be fired from their job simply because they belong to one or more of those categories.

This historic decision was achieved by an astonishing 6-3 vote in a conservative court, written and delivered by Trump appointee Justice Neil Gorsuch. It makes clear that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination in employment, now applies to people with any sexual orientation or gender identity.

In short, it codifies that people are people and deserve human and civil rights.This is huge. I would argue it’s even bigger than the marriage equality decision of […]

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