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The embodiment of Lewis’ lifelong sacrifice set to honor him at crucial moment in US history

(CNN)Inside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church in Atlanta, the nation’s first Black president — who has acknowledged there only was a Black president because of what Civil Rights icon and eventual Congressman John Lewis sacrificed — will deliver the eulogy. His two White predecessors, both children of a Civil Rights era that Lewis helped galvanize, will speak before him.

At a moment when the country is reckoning anew over questions of systemic racism following the police killings of George Floyd , Breonna Taylor and countless other Black and Brown Americans, Thursday’s funeral is a measuring moment: Both a time to reflect on the grainy black-and-white newsreels of another generation’s struggle and an opportunity to assess where that struggle continues to come up short.

It’s the type of remembrance that marks the passage of a nation’s history, provides a record of its highest and lowest moments and lays down a marker for the type of person — the type of hero — deserving of the country’s attention and respect.

Lewis’ own words kicked off the day of remembrance, with a post-humous op-ed in The New York Times , that echoed the principles with which he lived his life.

“When you see something that […]

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