End the duopoly

The Demand for Organizational Justice


Companies do not operate in a vacuum. Political and social forces have a dramatic impact on individuals who in turn constitute a company’s workforce.

We are witnessing significant political forces demanding justice for historical and engrained racism, sexism, injustice and discrimination. A significant majority of Americans have embraced the Black Life’s Matter movement and with that have demonstrated an increased demand for social justice.

This powerful social and political demand will quickly transfer to employee demands for organizational justice. This expectation already has been expressed in a number of social justice issues. Companies have experienced increased resistance to corporate actors who promote false messaging and communications (e.g. Facebook), suppress claims or demonstrate insensitivity to claims of sexual harassment or racial and gender discrimination, fail to promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, or support (directly or indirectly) unpopular corporate actors who fail to commit to issues of social justice.

A company has to commit to organizational justice. This requires several significant steps:

First, the board and senior management have to commit through statements, follow up and actions that they each believe that organizational justice is an important corporate value.

Second, the board and senior management commitment must translate into transparent disclosure of corporate policies and procedures […]

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