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The cost of tackling climate change is less than the cost of doing nothing

The global economy stands to lose ‘at least $150 trillion to as much as $792 trillion by the end of the century’ if we don’t mitigate climate change. (Photo: DisobeyArt/Shutterstock) Two of the biggest myths about climate change have been busted: The first is that we have time to deal with human beings’ impact on our planetary climate system. Time is up and we’re now living with the beginnings of a changed climate, including more intense storms, drier droughts, scarier floods and hotter wildfires. The second myth is that mitigating climate change will cost so many billions that we can’t possibly afford to do it and that such action would take money away from the poorest people who need it most. According to a new study, the opposite is true. In an article in the journal Nature , researchers found that if human beings fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the levels designated in the Paris Agreement, the economic cost would range from $150 trillion to as much as $792 trillion by 2100. The United States signed the Paris Agreement in 2015 along with 190 other nations, but in August 2017, President Trump filed with the United Nations […]

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