End the duopoly

The coronavirus crisis puts another into focus: Unequal and unaffordable health care.

Dawnesha Carmier, with LifeLong East Oakland Health Center, takes Cheryl Jasper’s blood pressure in Oakland, Calif., March 3, 2020. A coronavirus outbreak could devastate low-income black and Latino communities that, even in the best of times, face serious medical challenges. (Alexandra Hootnick/The New York Times) As many of us yearn to get back to our normal lives and put COVID-19 behind us, we must come to grips with the hard truth that there is another — and far scarier — health care crisis looming in Connecticut. This is the crisis of what happens when our unequal and unaffordable health care system converges with a global pandemic that is not going away any time soon. The consequences of decades of health access issues in communities of color, a surging uninsured population and the rising cost of health care are scary enough on their own. Combine those factors with a potential second wave and large numbers of people putting off routine treatment for pre-existing conditions, canceling elective but necessary procedures, not picking up their prescriptions and neglecting control of their chronic diseases, and you have a perfect storm our system may not be able to handle. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed […]

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