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The Catholic vote decides who wins, even if it doesn’t exist

When I published my first book, Left at the Altar: How the Democrats Lost the Catholics and How the Catholics Can Save the Democrats , way back in 2008, political philosopher Alan Wolfe was kind enough to write one of the blurbs: “As Catholics go, so goes America. So if you want to know where America will be going, read this book.” In the last quarter of the 20th century, Catholics became the quintessential swing vote, and they are still decisive for winning the White House.

The question will be important again this year. As we have already reported here and here at NCR, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is focusing heavily on Catholic voters, and news that Vice President Joe Biden may be vetting New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, suggested here at Distinctly Catholic last month , shows that the Democrats understand the importance of the Latino Catholic vote. Sorting through just what is meant by “the Catholic vote” and how it has developed will be key to understanding the dynamics of this November’s election.

But there is a problem: There is no such thing as “the Catholic vote.” How to resolve this conundrum?

Catholics had been a key constituency […]

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