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The 277 Policies for Which Biden Need Not Ask Permission

The American Prospect

On July 8, the Joe Biden campaign published the results of its unity task forces with the former Bernie Sanders campaign in . Though Biden has not committed to enacting the policies recommended by the task forces, they represent the clearest consensus vision for moving a united Democratic Party into the general election, as well as a clear vision for what a Biden presidency might look like.

While each task force proposed new legislation to achieve its goals, you can also read the document with an eye toward what a Biden administration could accomplish on , without having to go near Congress. To that end, we found 277 policies that are clearly within the executive branch’s power to immediately pursue, at least in part.

On their own, none of these 277 policies will fully solve any of the interlinked crises we now face. But they can go a significant way toward immediate harm reduction. Some can even solve long-standing problems, simply by enforcing or fully implementing laws already on the books.

Perhaps most important, all of these policies are ideas that leaders in the moderate and progressive wings of the party broadly agree on, and that Biden should have no […]

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