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Tech leaders look at access, diversity demands caused by Covid-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic reshaping much of the world economy, leaders in the Austin technology industry are looking at how startups and established companies should change the way they hire and interact with communities, especially around the issue of diversity and social justice. During a recent webinar hosted by the Austin Justice Coalition, a group of tech executives and leaders of nonprofits connected to the tech world discussed how the pandemic has exposed gaps in skills and access for minority communities looking to secure well-paying jobs as a way to cope with Austin’s rising cost of living. “People are not making the transition into the right jobs,” said Michael Ward, president and CEO of the Austin Urban Technology Movement. “I’d like to see some accountability on where funding is going and that it is being directed to the communities that need it the most. There’s been a huge push around Austin ISD to ensure they have what they need, but there’s also other charter schools and individuals that have been impacted more so than others. It’s always come back to the biggest impact and be sure we allow these individuals to move from where they are so they’re not […]

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