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Data shows slower economic improvement

Economic news released Thursday was consistent with an economy struggling to recover.Thursday’s economic indicators came in “rather mixed,” said Ed Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA , as economic “momentum

Economic recovery starts, thanks to capitalism

As Washington has been frozen in debate about whether to pass massive new economic stimulus legislation, something interesting has happened in the real world.In the real world, Americans sent a message to politicians saying they can take

How Is The Austin Economy?

StaffAustin — The Austin economy continued to improve in July. The Austin Business-Cycle Index expanded. Recent payrolls posted healthy gains, and while jobs and the unemployment rate improved in June and July, both remain

The Trump vs. Obama economy — in 16 charts

As the United States suffers the worst economic downturn in nearly a century, a key question remains: How quickly can the nation recover, and who has the better track record to get us there?The dire job losses from the spring are close to

Views of economy so much malarkey

To the editor:There seem to be four main reasons some people are planning to vote for Donald Trump: To make liberals cry, because they like racism, because they’re single-issue pro-life evangelicals or because of the

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