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Workday brings new VIBE to equality

Workday is making available two new solutions to enhance diversity and equality within organisations. The solutions aim to deliver better VIBE (Value Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity) within organisations. VIBE Central provide a central

Striving for Gender Equality in Sport

According to Messner (1998), the “women's movement into sport represents a genuine quest by women for equality, control of their own bodies, and self-definition, and as such it represents a challenge to the ideological basis of male

Olay Targets Gender Equality in STEM

There's real science that goes into making a beauty product perform—a fact that isn't lost on Olay.Women in STEM have changed the world, influenced nations, and made groundbreaking discoveries throughout history. Whether it's the

Reflections on Women’s Equality Day

Last week, the nation commemorated the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and reflected upon its incomplete promise — and the long road that followed to achieve suffrage for all women. Today is Women’s

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