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Study: Vermont’s economy ranks high in racial equality

Vermont Business Magazine With protests against racial inequality taking place all across the nation and the black unemployment rate consistently above the rate for white people, financial adviser WalletHub today released its report on the State Economies with the Most Racial Equality , along with accompanying videos and audio files . According to WalletHub, Vermont’s economy has the 8th most racial equality in the US.

In order to determine which states have the most racial equality in terms of employment and wealth, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across eight key metrics. Our data compares the difference between white and black Americans in areas such as annual income, unemployment rate and homeownership rate.

Racial Equality in Vermont’s Economy (1=Most Equality; 25=Avg.): 6 th – Median Annual Income

1 st – Unemployment Rate

1 st – Homeless Rate

1 st – Share of Unsheltered Homeless 6 th – Share of Executives WalletHub Q&A What can the U.S. do to promote greater economic equality for black Americans? “One way to help black Americans achieve greater economic equality is to increase funding for schools in underserved districts with high minority populations, since a better education can lead to […]

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