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Stacey Abrams Says She’s Open to Being Vice President for Any Democratic Nominee

Stacey Abrams made it official this week that she would not seek the presidency after months of speculation among Democrats, becoming one of the most prominent party leaders to pass on the 2020 race. But in an interview Tuesday night, she said she was open to being considered for the No. 2 spot by “any nominee.”

Ms. Abrams, who drew national attention during her unsuccessful run for governor of Georgia last year, said that she would focus her next year on identifying and stemming voter suppression efforts throughout the country, a major priority for her for years, instead of running for president or the Senate.

But she has remained close to the presidential race, meeting privately with several candidates and topping lists of potential vice presidents.

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On Tuesday, Ms. Abrams spoke to The New York Times about why she decided not to run for president, how she feels about the possibility of being on a 2020 ticket, and why Democrats should not shy away from the politics of identity.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

When did you come to the decision not to run for president?  […]

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