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Social Justice groups urge NJ Assembly to pass env’l. justice bill in August w/o weakening amendents


New Jersey must vote to mitigate the environmental harm disproportionately placed on overburdened communities. Advocacy and Social Justice groups call on New Jersey Assembly to Pass Bill A2212 /S232 without further amendments

Following the brutal murder of George Floyd in May, the country witnessed historic levels of outrage across the nation. Here in New Jersey, many of our leaders issued statements and called for justice—Assemblyman Wimberly (Paterson) referred to 401 years of injustice that have come to a head like no other “maybe because of the pandemic. ” Assembly Speaker Coughlin also said that the incident “ offends our cherished commitment as a state and nation to equal justice and equal rights. When that commitment is breached we all suffer. Let us not tolerate that suffering. ” We now call on these same members of the New Jersey Assembly to live up to that promise.

Last month the State Senate passed Bill S-232 requiring that the cumulative effect of environmental and public health stressors on overburdened communities be given consideration in reviewing permit applications. This bill, if enacted, is a large step in the right direction to correcting an injustice. It will provide New Jersey’s low-income populations and those of […]

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